Privacy Policy

The Nexalt Exchange is very concerned about the data and information that is collected from users and also generated through the working on the system. To maintain and secure it there are some rules and regulations defined that must be followed by all the users and the company. We also follow all the law obligations in collecting and using data for providing our services to our valued clients. We stringently pursue the best practice of industry and hold on to the rules designed in General Data Protection Regulations. Our privacy policy applies to the site and the entire services presented by the Nexalt Exchange. Here we explain the protocols through which Nexalt Exchange gathers, utilizes, sustain and discloses user data in order to maintain and continue the business activities. The main terms used in this documents refer as Nexalt (“Nexalt”, “We”, “US”, “Our”) , Site (“website”, “site”, “web page”) and User (“user”, “client”, “customer”, “You”). these are elaborated for ease of the users’ understanding. This policy does not cover any information that is collected through any source other than Nexalt. The main points of policy are as under:
1 What information is collected?
Personal Information
We gather Personal Data of user that allows Us to identify and get in touch with user for instance, name, email address, password at our site and any other information that will be needed for any service. Other than this information we may gather some anonymous data or data that you provide voluntarily, user name and password in case you get registered on our site.
Transaction Information
Information regarding transactions that you made by using our services such as number of transactions you made, associated bank accounts, transaction ID, recipient’s information like name or ID, your particulars, the amount and time-stamp etc. This information will reside on our server.
Non-personal Information
Our system may collect some non-personal information that can identify you. This may include your Geo location, technical information of your devices you use to connect to our site such as operating system, ISP, IP address etc.
Browsing Information
we reserve the right to collect your browsing information to know the patterns and preferences of our users. This information may include your browsing history, browser cookies and your activity log.
2 Alterations or amendments to the policy
The company reserves the right to amend policy and time to time changes can be made the privacy policy. The changes will be posted prominently on the site and will be applicable from the announced date. All the changes made to the policy will be notified by email to all users and publishing on the website
3 Users’ Rights
our privacy policy also includes the user rights that are not deniable. According to the policy every user has the following rights that can be used under the policy limitations.
Right to recede your permission
At any time while you enjoying our services, you can change you consent about your personal information. It will not have any affect on previous processing that has been done on your consent.
Right of Access and and rectification of your information
The user has right to access his collected personal information and any time and can request a data modification in terms of correction requirement. User can request a copy of his / her collected data at any time during the course of service.
Right to request data deletion
The user can send a data delete request for those data items that are not being used for very long time or are not necessary for acquiring company services.
Right to request data transfer
The user can request his/her information transfer to a third party depending upon the transfer feasibility.
4 How and where we use information
Facilitate the users to access the services efficiently and improvement of services. To be relevant to our legal duties and their accomplishment such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) To communicate and response to the user. For instance making available the requested services, information, processing transactions, confirmation receipts and authorization requests can be entertained by including the personal identification information. For communicating the administrative messages, technical notices, updates and support activities. For rendering customer care, trouble shooting and resolving disputes. To analyze, measure and observing user activities and use of services
5 How and where we use information
Although there is no online or electronic system that can provide 100% data security, Nexalt has taken appropriate security measures to keep the collected information safe and intact. We are committed to protect data against any loss, stealing, misapply, and unaccredited access, revealing, modification, and demolition. We are highly concerned about the confidentiality and security of our data and implement efficient security practices to maintain it. We strongly prohibit disclosure of data other than as permitted by, this Privacy Policy. All your transactions and associated bank account information will be strictly private. Your trading activities and any information regarding this will be kept secret and no one other than you can see it.We do not reveal this private data anywhere without your consent. We are providing all security and take safety measure to keep this data strictly private.
6 Data Transfer
The company is bound not to transfer your personal data unnecessarily to a third party without your consent. We do not rent, trade or sell user information to any other person or party. We can share the users and visitors identification information with our partners, affiliates that have our faith and advertisers for the purposes that are elaborated in the policy.
7 Legal Action
The user and company both are bound to keep data secure. In case of any data breach proper legal action can be taken. We are bound to obey the law and on demand of court we have to share.
8 Policy Acceptance
By accessing our site or services and being registered with us you show the acceptance of privacy policy and are bound to obey it.