Terms & Conditions

Please read this document carefully as by joining us you will be legally bounded to follow these terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to make any modifications in this document and these changes will be applicable to all the concerned parties from the announced date.

The terms used here such as “company”, “website”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “ourselves” and “NexChange” jointly refer as to “NexChange.nz”. (“website”) and its owners, directors, users, operators, employees, insurer, supplier, agents or attorney. Same as the terms “users”, “customers”, “clients”, “you” and “your” all refers to the person using the services of the NexChange.nz and accepts the T & Cs. We use word “Party” to indicate our users and “Parties” addresses we and you jointly. Here under is a detailed description of defined terms and conditions.

We are not the creator nor the administrator of any digital currency. We are just providing intermediary services to the users and different cryptocurrencies around the globe. By accessing the NexChange.nz you can enjoy all the offered services.

To use and access the services of NexChange.nz the user must be of 18 years or above. Under 18 users will be blocked on revealing the fact.

We provide the services of managing your digital wallet and digital currency exchange and digital currency conversion. Your digital wallet enables you to store, track, transfer and manage your balance in form of digital currencies. Through digital currency exchange and conversion services you can get the sale and purchase prices of your digital money an d also can convert one DC to other available DCs.

All types of applicable fee will be in form of crypto currency. The conversion rates shown to you regarding any digital currency are including fee.

The NexChange.nz has not any authority in the generation, retention, distribution or termination of any digital currency. It is just performing as an intermediary to provide the services offered by company and are stated herein.

Either express or implied warranty is not provided by Us. All the services and any kind of content or website that is available here is on the bases of “as is” and “as available”. all the users trading or dealing in the crypto currency are performing on their own risk and are fully opened to any potential abolishing of whole the value or holding in any happening of risk factors including but not circumscribed to any alterations in regulatory or legal position of the digital currency in law or bounded by any limits applied to the website.

We endeavour to provide you steady and unceasing services but we do not ensure that your access to website will not be disturbed or you’ll not experience any delay, failures or any loss of information because errors and omissions can be happened. We take reasonable security measures to provide you regular access to the website.

In case of any update or technical issue we reserve right to suspend the website for maintenance and we’ll notify you about this inconvenience through all possible means. There may be some situations that have exemption form this rule.

We strictly emphasis on the law obedience and can not be responsible for any illegal act or law violation n your jurisdiction. It is moral duty to obey the country law and NexChange.nz highly recommend it.